April 26, 2015


Well, here's my second day beach ootd from my Alaminos-Bolinao trip.
 Nothing special, just a custom made swimmies and maybe a two shades darker skin tone. Huhu

April 13, 2015


Oh, hello there! I'm back (hopefully)

 Just want to share with you guys what I wore to last weekend's beach trip with the family. It was kind of a roller coaster holy week for me. Spent first three days in Sagada with my friends then went straight to Alaminos and Bolinao in Pangasinan to be with the fam. Yes, it was tiring but t'was super fun. I'm still sick though because the weather in Sagada is super different from Pangasinan. Guess I'm lucky to experience both weather in just one week. Heh.

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